9 signs that you’re more mature than your age suggests

You often feel like the mom or dad in your squad. Your knowledge of human nature has been unsurpassed since 1995, and the search for a partner who can mentally compete with you can be quite difficult? You only give your opinion on a topic when it has been extensively researched by you? You only get to know the latest trend when it’s already out again?

Here are ten clear signs that your physical age does not match your subjective perception. You are one of those who will always be one step ahead. However, all this doesn’t really bother you, because you can impress your friends in a very special way.

glücklich Alleinsein und genießen


Being alone is not very scary for you

Sometimes you just need time for yourself. You are not afraid to go to a café or to the movies alone. You do not feel shame. On the contrary, you enjoy this time alone very much.

Charakter eines Menschen lesen wie ein Buch


Your knowledge of human nature is unbeatable

Interactions and behaviors of the people around you are immediately classified. You read people like a book and can assess a person’s character fairly quickly. Most people will face a big challenge if they want to lie to you. Honesty is therefore incredibly important to you.

Die Mutter im Freundeskreis sein


You are the mom/dad in your squad

You’re the head of your squad and your friends are aware of that. They enjoy always being able to rely on you for gifts, vacations, or outings. At parties, you generally know when it’s time to leave. You often save your friends from “boozy” mistakes that could be bitterly regretted the next day.

Dinge überanalysieren


You overanalyze situations

You find it very difficult to just let things happen. You interpret all kinds of situations and attach a deeper meaning to them. This “worrying” can lead to an incessant chain of negative or positive thoughts. And stopping it is extremely difficult.

Situationen reflektieren


Reflecting is part of everyday life for you

You don’t leave the past behind. You can look at things in retrospect with distance and make connections to the present.

Andere sind von die eingeschüchter


Others are intimidated by your presence

Most people are inhibited in your presence. This can be attributed to your balanced and self-confident demeanor. Your opinion is accepted at first, because everyone is aware that your statements are based on extensive research.

schwierige Partnerwahl


You don’t find a matching partner anywhere

After a few failed relationships, you know exactly what you don’t want. Finding a partner who is at eye level is quite difficult. Most are satisfied with a “Netflix & chill – evening” in the advanced dating stage. For you, that’s not enough. You would rather spend the evening in bed philosophizing about the important things in life. Unfortunately, this minimizes the population of potential singles inversely exponentially.

Trockener Rotwein


You love dry red wine

You don’t like sweet white wine anymore. Instead, you now love the diverse flavors of a good dry red wine. When you’re a little tipsy, you could imagine nothing better than having an intellectual conversation with your closest friends about the concept of freedom.

Freunde werden wie Familienangehörige behandelt


You treat friends like your own family

Instead of having a big group of friends, there’s only a handful of people you trust. But you’re sure that this trust is mutual and way more desirable than hundreds of superficial “friendships”.

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