11 signs that your ex-partner wants you back

Sure, Separations are never that simple. After all, you spent a lot of time with another person and you became close. But at some point, despite everything, it’s simply time to get over it. After all, there will have been reasons why you are no longer together.Nevertheless, there are always people who simply can not finish with a relationship. There are many reasons for this: One person may not have wanted to break up at all, or they may not realize what it actually means until their partner is gone.

What does your ex-partner want?

If your ex then remembers that he/she absolutely wants you back, that’s especially annoying. Sure, somehow you can feel sorry for the other person, but above all you want to finally close this chapter from the past. Your life goes on without your ex-partner. Sometimes, however, it is not so easy to recognize what the other person actually wants now. Is it really just meant nicely or does he want you back? These eleven Signs speak in any case for the fact that he/she still thinks of you.


He writes to you when he is drunk

Drunks and kids tell the truth, don’t they? We all know that when we’re drunk, we do things that we’ve always wanted to do but didn’t dare to do when we were sober. So why not your ex? Instead of fooling around with others, he/she is thinking about you – and letting you know it.



He is jealous when you date someone new

You’ve actually been over your ex for a long time, and that’s why you have every right in the world to go out with someone new. Only: The ex has something against it. All of a sudden he/she is very interested in your love life, while he/she cared zero in your relationship. And of course, the new person can only come off miserable in the ex’s eyes.


He tells others you would want him back

Um, no thanks? Instead, it’s more likely that he/she wants you back, and is trying to convince himself that you want that too. This way he/she can hold on to the idea that you will get back together a little longer.


He deletes you on all social media platforms

Since the breakup, you only get to see what he/she is up to on Facebook or Instagram – but suddenly nothing comes up anymore. Only then you check that he / she has deleted you weeks after your breakup on all pages. Sure, right after the breakup that’s still kind of understandable, but out of nowhere? Someone is clearly still thinking about you quite a lot. Some even go so far as to scroll through your pages and delete every single like – who the hell goes to all that trouble?


He stalks you on social media

But there is also the exact opposite: Your ex meticulously follows everything you say on the Internet. That is, he/she reads through all the comments, looks at who clicks on your pictures and stalks through the profiles of your friends. You know about it because it happens to him/her what has probably happened to all of us: he/she accidentally likes some comment or picture.


He meets with people who look like you

When you find out who he/she is now dating, you can hardly believe your eyes: This person just looks almost exactly like you. You’re lucky if you’re not a twin! But honestly, you can’t be replaced with a cheap copy anyway, can you?


He constantly inquires about you from others

You have a few mutual acquaintances or friends, and he/she often asks them what you are doing. This way, he/she is always up to date with your life.


He meets you by chance all the time

You can hardly take a step without him/her running into you. Even more so in places where he/she would otherwise never voluntarily stay, after all, you know him/her. Someone probably wants to meet you “by chance”.


He waits for weeks to collect his things

For weeks this box has been gathering dust under your bed, in which you have packed his/her things. After half a year, he/she then remembers that he/she absolutely needs the things now. If you then let the person into the apartment, you are in for at least one long conversation. While you breathe a sigh of relief when the whole thing is finally over, this is the ultimate sign for him/her that things are looking up for you again.


He always wants to talk about the reasons for the separation

He/she keeps calling you to talk about your breakup. What the reason was, why he/she behaved so crappy, what he/she would do better now in any case. Blah, blah, blah – someone is probably not quite coming to terms with the matter and would like to undo everything.


He keeps saying that he misses you

Oops, this is probably the most unpleasant case. What should you answer: “Thank you” perhaps? But at least he/she is honest, and you can tell him/her quite clearly that it’s not going to work out with you anymore.

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Cover image: Agnieszka P/Unsplash under CC0 license

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