Alarming Forecast: “Russia Might Plan NATO Attack”

The head of Poland’s National Security Bureau expressed in an interview with the Polish media company Nasz Dziennik on December 2 the assessment that Russia could attack NATO within less than 36 months, as estimated by the country’s national security agency.

This forecast by the national security agency was in response to a report by the German think tank DGAP, which warned Western nations of the possibility that Russia could launch a direct attack against NATO “as early as six to ten years” – an assessment not shared by Poland’s National Security, as explained by The Kyiv Independent.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly threatened military force against Poland and the Baltic states, and has repeatedly threatened the use of nuclear weapons.

Jacek Siewiera, head of the National Security Bureau, emphasized, “To prevent a war, NATO countries on the eastern edge should consider a shorter timeframe of three years for preparing for a confrontation.”

Siewiera suggested that Russia could target a NATO member in Eastern Europe, including countries like Poland, Estonia, Romania, and Lithuania. To strengthen the region’s defensive capabilities, he advocated for an increase in the size of the Polish armed forces.

Image:, Владимир Путин (25-10-2021).jpg, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (Image size changed)

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