Are dogs vindictive?

As a dog owner, you sometimes ask yourself one or two questions. One of them: Can dogs be vindictive? We want to get to the bottom of this question in this article.

Basically, dogs have emotions and can also be resentful. For example, if a dog has been hurt by its owner, it may well develop a certain resentment towards him. However, one should also keep in mind here that dogs are not capable of being consciously resentful. They always act instinctively and react to their environment and their counterpart.

Researchers have found that dogs are quite capable of remembering negative experiences. Thus, a dog that was once attacked by another dog may react more fearfully to other dogs in the future. Again, however, this is a reaction that the dog does not consciously bring about, but is based on its instincts and experience.

But what about positive experiences? Can dogs also make friends and be positive towards their humans? Here, too, researchers have achieved positive results. Dogs are able to remember positive experiences and can also build friendships with other dogs or humans.

However, there are also some factors that can influence the relationship between man and dog. One important factor is the education of the dog. A dog that has been raised positively and lovingly from an early age will continue to be positive towards its owner in the future. However, a dog that has had bad experiences or has been treated badly will be more suspicious and dismissive towards its owner.

The nature of the relationship between man and dog also plays a role. If a dog is constantly left alone and gets little attention from its owner, it will also behave less positively towards its owner. However, a dog that gets a lot of attention and care will usually be positive towards its owner.

Overall, it can be said that dogs are quite capable of feeling emotions and remembering positive and negative experiences. However, whether a dog is resentful towards its owner or not depends on various factors. A loving and positive upbringing as well as a close bond between man and dog are important prerequisites for a good relationship.

Image by Freepik

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