Battle for Every Mile: Ukraine Pushes Russia Back from the Dnipro

Ukrainian army reclaims bridgeheads on the Dnieper and repels Russian attacks. Escalation at the front and air combat loom.

The Ukrainian armed forces are making strides to push Russian troops back from the eastern bank of the Dnieper, after securing several bridgeheads there, according to military reports. This strategic advance, as reported by AP, marks a significant step in a largely stagnant war. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that their units repelled twelve Russian army attacks between Friday and Saturday.

Struggle for Every Mile

Natalia Humenyuk, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Southern Command, as quoted by AP, mentioned that Ukrainian forces are now working to further push back Russian units to ease life on the western bank of the Kherson region. In response, Russia is deploying tactical aircraft and Shahed explosive drones, manufactured in Iran, to check Ukrainian troops.

The Dnieper as a Natural Boundary

AP further reports that the Dnieper serves as a natural dividing line along the southern front. Since Russian troops withdrew from Kherson and crossed the Dnieper a year ago, they have regularly shelled areas on the Ukrainian side of the river to prevent a Ukrainian advance towards the annexed Crimea.

Image: RARESH MIHALESCU ION, Battle of Donetsk, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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