“Boom!” Massive Strike Sends Putin’s ‘Sunheat’ Up in Flames

Ukraine has achieved another blow against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his military. This is reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on the microblogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Boom!” writes the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. “There was a Russian TOS-1A ‘Solntsepyok,’ which costs 15 million dollars, but a 400-dollar FPV drone blew it up.” The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also posts a video that is said to depict the scene. The video is available here (Note: Link leads to the X platform).

The TOS-1A is an armored multiple rocket launcher that can fire rockets with thermobaric warheads. “Solntsepyok” translates to Sunheat.

It’s important to note that these reports have not been independently verified or confirmed. Therefore, they should be regarded with caution. In times of war, conflicting parties may disseminate false information intentionally to strengthen their own position or weaken that of their opponent.

Image: Kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin (2022-09-05), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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