Collar or harness? It depends!

The selection of dog accessories has never been as large as it is today. Especially on the subject of collars and dog harnesses, you can find almost all shapes and colors and there is hardly a wish left unfulfilled. In addition to super expensive designer parts, to solid models of established brands to handmade unique pieces, you can really store your fill as a dog owner. And at the latest since there are relevant guides, one sees many quadrupeds no longer only with collar but increasingly also with dog harness or sometimes even with both. Since it is not so easy to keep track and some certainly wonder when which part actually makes sense. Here you will learn our number 1 criteria for collar, dog harness and the combination of both.

When should I use a dog harness?

  • For fearful dogs (a special safety harness is recommended).
  • For sporting activities such as jogging, cycling or mantrailing
  • For dogs that are not (yet) on leash, i.e. do not know commands such as “heel”.
  • With puppies until the leash leadership is learned
  • For all dogs to secure in the car (unless the dog is secured in a dog crate)
  • For dogs with leash aggression
  • In certain situations when the dog tends to pull strongly on the leash
  • When hiking in alpine terrain for possible protection of the dog

When can / should I use a dog collar?

  • In all situations (walk, restaurant visit, city stroll), when the dog is on a leash.
  • For the practice of the leash leadership
  • For puppies (both at home and outside) to get used to the collar
  • When the dog is not yet accustomed to the dog harness

When does a combination of collar and dog harness make sense?

  • To practice the leash handling
  • If there are certain situations on walks in which the dog would hang on the leash (for example, encounters with other dogs)

Image by Freepik

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