Dark column of smoke: fire in Saint Petersburg

A fire has broken out in Saint Petersburg. This is reported by Jason Jay Smart, correspondent of the Kyiv Post, via the Network X – formerly known as Twitter.

He writes: “Major fire in a warehouse in Saint Petersburg. After all, what would a Saturday (post September 02, 2023, morning local time, ed.) in Russia be without a major city fire?”

Smart also posted a video that is supposed to prove the fire. It lasts 13 seconds and was probably filmed from a high-rise building. In the distance, dark, gray smoke can be seen rising into the air. The wind drives it almost all the way to the location where the camera is filming the suspected fire.

However, it is still unclear what caused the fire. Smart does not provide any information on this. Most recently, Ukraine had repeatedly attacked Russian territory in order to weaken the aggressor, but whether it was an attack in this case is not yet known.

Image: kremlin.ru, 2018 inauguration of Vladimir Putin 53, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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