Drone Attacks: Russia Aims to Cripple Kyiv’s Energy Supply

Russia targets Kyiv’s supply with drone strikes, damaging infrastructure. No injuries reported, but increasing threat to basic utilities.

According to Germany’s ntv, Russia is attempting to disrupt Kyiv’s supply lines through drone attacks. A night-time assault using an Iranian Shahed-136/131 drone damaged an infrastructure facility in the Kyiv region, with no injuries reported, as stated by the military administration. Ntv reports that all emergency services and response teams were promptly deployed.

The military announced that Russian terrorists have attacked the Kyiv region with drones for the second consecutive time, with Kyiv’s air defense actively responding. Ntv further reports that the Ukrainian government believes Russia has replenished its drone and missile stocks to significantly disrupt the supply of water, electricity, and heat during the cold season.

Image: Kyivcity.gov.ua, Remains of Russian missiles and drones in Kyiv (2023-05-12) 05, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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