Fate Sealed: SBU Chief Warns of the Demise of Crimea Bridge

Ukrainian Intelligence Chief Predicts Dramatic End for Crimea Bridge, a Key Target in Conflict with Russia.

Vasyl Maliuk, the head of the Ukrainian domestic intelligence service SBU, hints at new attacks on the Crimea Bridge in a television documentary titled “SBU,” as reported by Germany’s FOCUS online. The bridge, which transports equipment and personnel from the annexed Crimea to the Russian mainland and holds high symbolic value, has been a prime target for precision strikes with long-range missiles like the British “Storm Shadow.” Kyiv has officially acknowledged two attacks, with many more attributed to Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine Plans Surprising Offensives Against Strategic Targets

According to FOCUS online, Maliuk states that Ukraine still has “many surprises” in store for the Russians, with the Crimea Bridge being a focus. The access to the peninsula is “doomed to fail,” and the bridge is “destined for destruction.” These statements emphasize the strategic significance of the Crimea Bridge in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Maliuk highlights that future actions will not only concern the Crimea Bridge, suggesting an expansion of Ukrainian offensive targets, reports FOCUS online.

Image: Vahe Martirosyan from Glendale, CA, USA, Crimea, Crimean Bridge, 2018.07.07 (04) (42398982140), CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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