ISW: Russian elite commander falls victim to own counterattack

According to the September 14 daily report of the Institute for the Study of War, the commander of the Russian 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment, Vasily Popov, was killed during a battle in Ukraine.

Vasily Popov assumed the position of commander of the 247th Regiment in August or September, replacing Pyotr Popov, making him the second commander of the 247th Regiment as The Kyiv Independent communicated.

According to ISW reports, units of the 247th Regiment are operating along the border between the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. ISW had previously noted that relatively elite WDV forces were conducting counterattacks in key frontline areas, and the death of Vasily Popov confirms ISW’s assessment that these counterattacks are likely to weaken these units.

Image:, Ukrainian soldiers attack a Russian tank in Mariupol (1), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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