ISW: Ukraine deals heavy blow to Russia with Crimea attack

According to the U.S. think tank Institute for the Study of War, disrupting Russian logistics is an essential part of the Ukrainian offensive. This reports the German news website

What happened? According to Russian occupation authorities, two bridges on the Crimean peninsula illegally annexed by Russia were attacked. Specifically, the Chonhar Bridge was hit and damaged by a missile. A bridge northwest of Henichesk was also hit by several missiles. For this reason, motor traffic was only possible along two connecting routes to the mainland.

According to the ISW, the Chonhar Bridge and the bridge at Henichesk are the key routes for the Russians in the war. The Chonhar Bridge was the shortest connection between the Crimean peninsula and the southern front.

From this, the ISW concludes that a “major bottleneck” in Russian logistics will now be the result there. Moreover, according to military experts, the roads to which Russia has now diverted traffic are “within artillery range” of Ukrainian groups in Kherson oblast.

Image:, Зустріч Президента України з Федеральним канцлером Австрії 44 (cropped), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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