ISW: Ukraine soldiers break through the strongest Russian defense line

According to the US Institute for the Study of War, Ukraine has managed to break through the strongest Russian defense line around the village of Robotyne. This reports the German news website

They appear to be “within striking distance” of the next set of defensive positions, which may be weaker, according to the think tank’s assessment. While they could still pose a “significant challenge,” they could only do so if there were sufficient Russian soldiers capable of overcoming them, it said. “This set of prepared defensive positions could be less heavily defended than the position Ukrainian forces have already advanced to in the north.” The ISW further writes: “The defensive positions through which Ukrainian forces are currently advancing consisted of dense layers of minefields and fortifications held by Russian forces at considerable cost in manpower and materials.” It goes on to mention anti-tank trenches, dragon’s teeth, and Russian fighting positions. Crucially for Ukraine, he said, it may have been less heavily mined to allow Russian forces to retreat.

Image:, Vladimir Putin meeting with government ministers (2022-07-08) 02, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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