Kalibr deliveries in flames! Ukraine upsets Putin

Strategic Offensive: Ukraine Targets Russia’s Vital Arsenal, Decimates Crucial Missiles. Putin on Edge – Eyes on Crimea.

The evolving dynamics of the Ukraine conflict underscore a shift from direct combat to undermining logistical support and equipment. 19Fortyfive cites videos circulating on Telegram in March that allegedly depict assaults on Russian armament consignments. An accompanying YouTube clip captures nocturnal blasts, potentially resulting from such offensive actions.

As per 19Fortyfive, Ukrainian officials reportedly executed a triumphant strike within Russian-held Crimea. Russian “Kalibr” cruise missiles, conveyed by rail, were eradicated during this offensive. These missiles, launchable from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, have been instrumental in raiding Ukrainian urban areas and pivotal infrastructure. 19Fortyfive notes the missile’s reach extends beyond 1,500 miles overland.

The Russian Counterpart to the Tomahawk

The 3M-14 Kalibr, its formal designation, ranks among Russia’s avant-garde cruise missiles, drawing parallels to the U.S. Tomahawk missiles. This armament first graced the global stage in the 1990s.

Tactical Onslaughts with Crimea in the Crosshairs

While Kyiv has yet to publicly attribute the assault, indications hint at a strategy to “incrementally disarm Russia and pave the way for Crimea’s emancipation.” Russian officials have validated the strike, which purportedly left one injured and compromised two structures, as detailed by 19Fortyfive. This marks a seldom-seen assault on Crimea since its 2014 annexation by Russia.

While Russian news outlets suggest these offensives primarily targeted non-military entities, 19Fortyfive contests this narrative. Supporting this skepticism, the UK government highlighted in 2022 the presence of significant Russian military installations within Crimea.

Image: Kharkivoda.gov.ua, Collection of rockets fired on Kharkiv (2022-12-17) 05, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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