“Kyiv regime” attacks Moscow – and fails

According to the statements of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin, the Russian capital Moscow was once again the target of an attempted drone attack from Ukraine.

In the morning, Sobyanin announced on his Telegram blog that two drones were shot down by air defense. The Ministry of Defense announced that there were no casualties or damage. The ministry in Moscow blamed the “Kiev regime” for the attacks as the German news website tagesschau.de reported.

In late July and early August, the skyscraper district of Moscow City, a neighborhood of the Russian capital, was the target of enemy drone attacks twice within three days. Several drones were shot down, according to Russian sources. However, the facade of a glass tower was also hit.

Image: president.gov.ua, Робоча поїздка Президента України на Запоріжжя 70, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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