Massive explosion reported in Crimea: Gigantic fireball seen

Apparently, during the night there was a massive explosion in the Crimea. On the social media spread Photos a huge fireball can be seen in the sky.

The explosion occurred in the port city of Yevpatoriya in the southwest of the peninsula occupied by Russian troops, according to the German news website During the night, there was reportedly an attack from Ukraine on Crimea with several drones, as claimed by Moscow. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that Russian air defenses destroyed eleven Ukrainian drones. In addition, five Ukrainian naval drones were intercepted, allegedly attacking a Russian warship in the Black Sea.

A day earlier, Ukrainian forces attacked the port of Sevastopol in Crimea, where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is based. According to Ukrainian sources, a Russian landing ship and a submarine were hit.

Image: Flickr, CC0 license, via Pexels (image size modified)

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