Huge column of black smoke: attack on Moscow launched

Last night, the Russian capital Moscow and the surrounding region of the same name were again shelled with drones. This is reported by Jason Jay Smart, correspondent of the Kyiv Post, via the network X, formerly Twitter.

In order to back up the statements, Smart posts various videos during the night to prove the attacks on Moscow. He also accuses the Moscow mayor of making false statements. “Drones explode in Moscow”, Smart writes. “Moscow mayor says air defenses are hitting their targets. Looks like he was lying.” To this, Smart posts a video purporting to show a fire in Moscow. In another post, a loud explosion can be heard, followed by an alarm. “Another night of drones coming to Moscow”, so Smart. Still on the evening of August 25 local time posted Smart a video of a fire with meters of black smoke column on the side of a busy road.

Image:, Vladimir Putin 25.11.2022, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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