Military Intelligence: More than 400,000 Russian soldiers on Ukrainian territory

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR) has announced that Russia currently has over 400,000 soldiers stationed on Ukrainian territory.

According to The Kyiv Independent, Andrii Yuzov also stated that there would be sufficient forces for “separate operations in specific areas of the front.” “And the group of occupiers in Ukraine in the temporarily occupied areas, we remind you, consists of more than 400 thousand Russian soldiers.” Despite the “considerable strength of personnel,” the HUR spokesperson does not anticipate a Russian winter offensive on the same scale as in February 2022, when Russia launched its large-scale invasion. “We are not talking about a repetition of the scenario that took place in February 2022. But in specific areas, the enemy will continue to attempt separate offensive operations,” he said..

New mobilization campaigns in Russia?

Yuzov also mentioned that in addition to a strong concentration of Russian military personnel, “new weapons are being phased out and delivered to the front.” He also reported that Russia would conduct new mobilization rounds. The British intelligence service announced on October 10th that Moscow would likely avoid further rounds ahead of the presidential elections in March 2024.

Image:, Zaporizhzhia after Russian shelling, 2022-10-09 (21), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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