NATO’s Stoltenberg informed: Russian attack hits Romania

Just a few days ago, the debris of a Russian drone was found in Romania. Now, on Saturday, there has been another discovery. This reports the German news website with reference to the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

However, it initially remained unclear whether the newly discovered debris from a Russian drone was also necessarily the result of a new Russian drone attack. The Romanian government summoned the Russian ambassador. It “strongly” urges the Kremlin to “cease actions against the Ukrainian population and infrastructure, including those that would in any way endanger the safety of Romanian citizens in the region.” Romanian President Klaus Johannis speaks of real risks to the safety of people in the area and had informed NATO General Jens Stoltenberg that parts of a Russian drone had again crashed on Romanian territory. Stoltenberg calls the attacks near the Romanian-Ukrainian border “destabilizing,” even though there is no evidence that Russia intentionally intended to hit NATO territory.

Photo: U.S. Secretary of Defense, Jens Stoltenberg at the 13th Ukraine Defense Contact Group at NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium, June 15, 2023 – 230615-D-XI929-1009, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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