New threats? Ukrainian Air Force: Missiles must be taken seriously

The Ukrainian Air Force has stated that missile threats must be taken seriously. This was reported by The Kyiv Independent.

The spokesperson for the Air Command, Yuriy Ihnat, said on Ukrainian radio that the current air raid warning system will be maintained. ‘For us, the system of public notification will not change. We try to warn people as quickly as possible through our official Telegram channel. What level of threat is announced, in other words, what color the map will have, will be decided at the highest level,’ Ihnat continued.

‘Sometimes we have information that a MiG has launched with a missile, sometimes not, and sometimes there is no information at all. We do not have the right to take risks here,’ the spokesperson added. Ihnat indicated that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has promised reforms that ‘will allow us to modernize the response somewhat without unnecessarily paralyzing the country.’ Some have criticized the accuracy and effectiveness of the air raid sirens because they paralyze social and economic activities.

Image:, Робоча поїздка Президента України на Запоріжжя 70, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (Image size changed)

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