Not allied after all? North Korea with hacker attack on Russia

North Korea is said to have hacked highly sensitive areas of Russia’s military. This is reported by the media project NEXTA via X, formerly Twitter. Reference is made to information said to be available to the Reuters news agency.

NEXTA states, “North Korean hackers penetrated the network of a major Russian missile developer.” It continues, “North Korean cyber spies penetrated the network of a missile design office on the outskirts of Moscow, according to technical data obtained by Reuters. According to the report, the hacking attack lasted at least five months, from late 2021 to May 2022.” NEXTA concludes, “After the hacking attack, North Korea announced several changes to its missile program. The incident showed that Pyongyang is targeting even its allies.” It was only at the end of July that the two countries’ foreign ministers agreed to work more closely together. In particular, Russia and North Korea want to exchange ideas more closely in the area of defense.

NEXTA is a media project based in Warsaw. It positions itself against the regime of Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko and publishes information not only on Telegram but also on YouTube, Twitter and various other channels.

Image:, Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin (2019-04-25) 01, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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