Out of fear of Russian attacks: Postal service provider sets up additional bomb shelters

The Ukrainian postal service provider, Nova Poshta, will establish additional bomb shelters in its depots. This move comes in response to a Russian attack on a facility in the Kharkiv region, in which six people were killed.

“We have built bomb shelters in all depots. But now the plan is to construct small bunkers within the buildings so that people can be as close to them as possible,” Wolodymyr Popereshniuk was quoted saying by The Kyiv Independent. He further elaborated, “In the case of Kharkiv, an attack takes place in less than a minute, literally in 30-40 seconds. Within this time, one must manage to take cover.” On October 21, a Russian missile struck a Nova Poshta mail depot, and according to the regional prosecutor’s office, at least six postal employees were killed, and 17 others were injured.

Victims had no time to reach the shelters

Another co-founder of the postal service provider, Viacheslav Klymov, citing injured staff, mentioned that while the depot had an air-raid shelter, the victims did not have enough time to reach it, as only 15 seconds passed between the alarm and the explosion. Korotych is located only 16 kilometers west of Kharkiv, 33 kilometers from the Russian border, and about 135 kilometers from the front. Due to its proximity to Russia and the frontline, the northeastern Kharkiv Oblast remains a frequent target of Russian attacks.

Image: Mvs.gov.ua, Postal distribution center in Novyi Korotych after missile strike, 2023-10-21 (21), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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