Putin attacks with kamikaze drones – and fails

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the southern Ukrainian region of Odessa on the Black Sea was again attacked by Russia with kamikaze drones on Monday night.

According to the early morning reports of the news portal “Ukrainska Pravda”, the air defense systems were activated in the southern Ukrainian region of Odessa, as well as over the port city of the same name. This information is based on statements of both the Air Force and the regional military administration. Several explosions were heard in Odessa. The Ukrainian Southern Operations Command announced on the online service Telegram that the enemy attacked the Odessa region three times last night. In total, 15 drones and eight Kalibr missiles were used. Despite these attacks, all the attacks were successfully repelled by the air defense forces, as the German news platform n-tv.de reported.

Ukraine has been in a defensive posture against a brutal Russian war of aggression for over 17 months. Especially after Russia announced the end of the grain shipment agreement in July, Ukraine’s Black Sea ports around Odessa came under increased targeting. Since then, the port facilities and also the city of over a million inhabitants have been shelled several times.

Image: kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin September 5, 2022, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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