Putin’s Nighttime Drone Attack Fails

According to their own statements, the Ukrainian armed forces successfully shot down nine out of ten Russian drones during the night, as reported by the German news website n-tv.de.

This information was published by the Ukrainian Air Force on Telegram. Reports indicate that the drones were launched near the Russian port city of Primorsko-Akhtarsk in the Krasnodar region. The report states that fighter jets, anti-aircraft missiles, and mobile fire groups were used to neutralize the weapons. The drones are said to have been shot down over the Ukrainian oblasts of Mykolaiv, Odessa, Zhytomyr, and Khmelnytskyi. Additionally, the Ukrainian Air Force reports Russian attacks with several S-300 missiles on Donetsk, with no injuries reported so far.

These claims have not yet been independently verified or confirmed. Therefore, they should be considered with caution. In war, it can be advantageous for conflicting parties to deliberately spread misinformation to strengthen their own position or weaken that of the enemy.

Image: Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0, Vladimir Putin (23-04-2021).jpg, via Wikimedia Commons (no changes made)

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