Putin’s Tightrope Walk: Internal Threats Rise as Donbass Campaign Stumbles

Putin Grapples with Setbacks: Stumbling Ukraine Offensive and Rising Domestic Turmoil

Vladimir Putin seems to be confronting substantial hurdles as Russia’s military offensives in Ukraine’s Donbass region falter, according to reports from the Daily Express, which cites information from the British Ministry of Defense. The reports indicate that Russia’s assault, especially on the city of Avdiivka, has been unsuccessful, with the Kremlin reportedly losing approximately 200 armored vehicles in the past three weeks.

Discontented Youth Could Undermine Putin: Experts Signal Internal Strife

The Daily Express quotes experts warning of internal strife within Russia. They suggest that the stagnating economy and an increasingly discontented youth demographic could potentially bring an end to Putin’s reign. Dominic Nicholls, co-editor of the Telegraph, is quoted saying that it may be the Russian youth, not oligarchs or military elites, who may eventually unseat Putin. Nicholls points out that “the cracks are showing,” noting that many economically active men are either abroad or at the front lines. He underscores that the rouble is nearing a 100-to-1 ratio with the US dollar and the interest rate stands at 15 percent.

Economic Shift: From Malls to Munitions

The Daily Express also sheds light on indications of strain within the Russian economic structure. A shopping center in Izhevsk has been repurposed into a weapons manufacturing facility, bakeries are switching from producing bread to crafting drones, and office workers are “volunteering” to contribute to munitions production. Companies like AvtoVaz and Ozen are reported to be utilizing prison labor.

In summary, the report paints a portrait of a Russia grappling with significant challenges both on the military front and within its domestic landscape.

Image: kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0, Putin with Gorkov at Kremlin August 2016.jpg, via Wikimedia Commons (no changes made)

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