Russia under attack: Numerous drones cause destruction

Authorities in Russian border regions to Ukraine report new drone attacks and damaged buildings.

The governor of Bryansk region informs via Telegram that on Monday night an attack on an authority building in the area of Trubchevsk was carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as the German news website reports. The building was damaged by the attack on the roof and windows, but no injuries were reported. In the settlement of Daraganovka in the Rostov region, the governor also reported destruction after an incident with a drone. Defense Ministry experts are now investigating the origin of the drone. In addition, NEXTA published via Twitter a video purporting to show how a drone crashed near Taganrog.

At the same time, a Russian missile hit Kryvyi Rih in the south of the country, which is the hometown of President Selenskyj. A video distributed via Twitter (click here) shows a burning apartment building with a gaping hole nine storeys high. The Ministry of the Interior reports that a four-story building of an educational institution was also hit. At least one person is believed to have died in the attack. It is believed that more people may be buried under the rubble of the buildings.

Image:, Vladimir Putin meeting with government ministers (2022-07-08) 02, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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