Russian attack hits building near nuclear power plant

An attack on the western Ukrainian region of Khmelnytskyi has caused damage to buildings near the region’s nuclear power plant, according to the Ministry of Energy.

According to The Kyiv Independent the Ministry of Energy stated that while the air defense systems fired at incoming projectiles, the resulting explosions damaged the windows of an administrative and a laboratory building near the nuclear power plant. The ministry also reported that a power line was destroyed in the attack, leaving 1,860 households in Khmelnytskyi region without electricity.

Fourth Consecutive Attack

Local authorities had previously reported that falling debris had damaged “critical infrastructure.” “Restoration work will begin as soon as energy workers can access the site of the damage,” the ministry said. This marked the fourth consecutive day that the Khmelnytskyi region was attacked, injuring 16 people so far. Ukrainian air defense reported that 11 Shahed-type drones were also shot down over this region during the night. The area around Khmelnytskyi is located about 450 kilometers west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and is approximately 950 kilometers away from the frontline, yet it continues to be a target of Russian attacks.”

Image:, Vladimir Putin in Ryazan Oblast (2022-10-20) 06, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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