Russian plane crashes over its own territory

On the morning of September 20, Russian state media reported the crash of a Russian Su-34 supersonic aircraft in Russia. This reported The Kyiv Independent.

The plane came down in a field in the Voronezh region after both crew members were ejected from the aircraft, state media reported, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to preliminary information, everything indicates that the failure of the aircraft’s landing gear caused the crash, Russian telegram channel Baza reported. The Su-34 is a fighter-bomber capable of attacking targets up to 600 miles away and can carry 12 tons of bombs and missiles on board.

Since the beginning of the all-out assault on Ukraine, there have been several incidents in which Russian military aircraft have crashed far from the front line. In April 2023, an Su-34 accidentally fired its munitions at the Russian city of Belgorod, damaging buildings and injuring two people. In October 2022, an Su-34 crashed into a residential building in the city of Yeysk in the Krasnodar region, killing six people.

Image:, Vladimir Putin at the site Donguzsky (2015-09-19) 10.jpg, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed)

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