Russian Propaganda: “Germany will soon exist only under the Russian flag”

A Russian propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov, has once again spoken on Russian state television about wanting to take over Germany.

This was published by Anton Gerashchenko on platform X, formerly Twitter. Solovyov said: “From Germany, relationships broke down everywhere. At first, they said they couldn’t supply and would only deliver medicines and helmets. After a while: ‘We will deliver everything they need.’” He continued his line of thought: “So we have no other option. We will see it through, we will take Berlin once again, and this time we won’t leave.” The show’s host countered, stating that Germany would not be taken over. But Solovyov indicated that this could well happen in a few years.

Solovyov: We will take over Germany again

“I mean, if Germany continues to be ruled by Nazis, Germany will suffer the same fate as every time anti-Russian rulers came to power in Germany. It always ended with a Russian soldier marching into Berlin. Since the 18th century, we have taken Berlin several times, and we will take it again if necessary. But this time we won’t leave.” The host pointed out that Germany and Berlin would continue to exist. But Solovyov has other plans: “Of course, they will exist, but under the Russian flag.”

Image:, Presentation of credentials (2023-04-05) 06, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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