Russians Debut Smart Kamikaze Drones: They Now Select Targets Autonomously

Russia’s Air Arsenal Upgraded: Self-Targeting Kamikaze Drones in Play, Sparks Fears of Escalation.

Russia, based on findings from ISW, is reportedly refining its drone warfare by testing the “Izdeliye-53,” an evolved version of the kamikaze “Lancet” drone. This cutting-edge drone is designed with a unique capability: autonomous target identification. Equipped with an automatic guidance system, it aims to enhance attack precision by distinguishing varied target types.

Drone Swarms: The New Frontier?

Although the widespread deployment of “Izdeliye-53” drones remains pending, there are whispers about their efficacy in potential coordinated swarm attacks. The deployment of such drone swarms could present significant challenges for conventional air defense mechanisms, particularly when released in vast numbers.

Moreover, ISW has spotlighted another drone in Russia’s aerial fleet, the “Italmas” or “Izdeliye-54.” It’s speculated that these drones were operational in a strike on Kiev oblast. There’s growing belief that Russia intends to saturate Ukrainian air defense with a flurry of drone offensives. However, ISW notes that the “Izdeliye-53,” carrying a payload ranging from three to five kilograms, might not pack enough punch to inflict considerable damage on major military structures.

These innovations emphasize a shift in warfare dynamics, positioning drone technology at the forefront of modern combat.

Image:, Vladimir Putin (24.06.2023), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons(no changes made)

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