Russia’s Darkest War Week: Massive Losses in Ukraine

Media reports indicate significant Russian troop losses, especially in the contested Donetsk region.

Russia experienced one of the deadliest days of warfare since the beginning of its invasion in Ukraine, as reported by Newsweek. According to statements from Kyiv, the Russian armed forces suffered a significant increase in losses and equipment damage, particularly since launching their offensive for Avdiivka, a major industrial center in the eastern Donetsk region and a symbol of Ukrainian resistance.

Ukraine Reports Record Russian Losses in a Single Day

The Ukrainian General Staff announced that Russia lost 1,130 soldiers the previous day, bringing the total number of losses in the 20 months of war to 310,650. However, this information could not be independently verified by Newsweek. It is the highest daily loss estimate since October 19, when 1,380 Russian soldiers were reported lost.

Newsweek notes that estimates of casualty numbers vary, with Kyiv’s figures typically exceeding those of its Western allies. The number of fatalities attributed to Russian troops by Ukraine has steadily risen since early July.

Mediazona and BBC: 35,780 Russian Soldiers Killed

The investigative agency Mediazona and the Russian service of BBC News reported, citing publicly available sources, that as of November 3, 35,780 Russian soldiers had been killed. This number is likely much higher. Russia has not released official figures since September 2022, when Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported 5,937 killed soldiers.

British defense officials stated at the end of October that Russian losses amounted to a total of up to 190,000 soldiers, including deaths and permanent injuries. However, this figure does not include soldiers from the Wagner mercenary group, who died in the thousands in the battle for Bakhmut.

Kyiv Successfully Repels 35 Russian Attacks on Avdiivka

Newsweek further reports that the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Army’s Tavria Group, Oleksandr Shtupun, stated that Kyiv’s forces had repelled 35 Russian attacks on Avdiivka and nearby settlements, resulting in Moscow’s casualties rising by nearly 30 percent compared to previous days.

Picture: Kraken Regiment, Ukrainian soldiers of the Kraken Regiment during an engagement in the northwest of Kupiansk, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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