Saint Petersburg: Woman sets fire to Russian recruitment office

From the outside, it is difficult to judge what the actual mood in Vladimir Putin’s Russia really is at the time of the Ukraine war. But larger waves of mobilization are considered unpopular among the population. As Jason Jay Smart, correspondent for the Kyiv Post reports, a woman has now set fire to a recruitment office in Saint Petersburg.

Via the Network X, formerly Twitter, Smart writes: “Arson at recruiting office: a woman calmly set fire to the recruiting office in Saint Petersburg and threw stones at a window.”

To that end, Smart posted a video purporting to show the woman venting her displeasure to the recruiting office. In the first half of the video, the woman can be seen standing next to a green door, which has caught fire. In the second half of the video, the woman picks up rocks and throws them at a nearby window. However, the damage to the building is rather marginal, at least on the published video footage. Smart doesn’t write what happened to the woman afterwards and whether she caught the attention of Russian security authorities.

Image:, Vladimir Putin (24.06.2023), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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