“Sidewinder”: USA is working on a “wonder weapon” for Ukraine

The USA is working on a weapon to assist Ukraine in defending its land against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Specifically, according to merkur.de, it could be a “wonder weapon” against Putin’s fighter jets.

This is reported by German news website merkur.de, citing the American news magazine Task & Purpose. Accordingly, the USA plans to provide Ukraine with a missile launcher capable of firing AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles as ground-to-air missiles. Normally, the weapon is fired from fighter jets as an air-to-air missile. “The Department of Defense has been working for several months on a series of short-range air defense missiles for Ukraine, obtaining old parts or replacement units from partner countries around the world. The latest development is a new ground-to-air missile launcher that can fire AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles,” merkur.de quotes the news magazine. However, there are no official photos of the new missile launcher yet. The Sidewinder missiles, among other features, have an infrared seeker and respond to heat sources.

Image: USAFE AFAFRICA from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Paris Air Show 2015 150618-F-RN211-110 (18766129829), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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