“Sign of inhumanity”: Russia condemns U.S. uranium munitions delivery

The USA has announced its intention to supply Ukraine with controversial uranium munitions. Russia has now strongly criticized this step.

Via Telegram, the Russian Embassy in Washington stated, according to. n-tv.de: “The decision of the U.S. government to supply weapons with depleted uranium is a sign of inhumanity,” It continued: “It is clear that Washington, with its idea of bringing about a ‘strategic defeat,’ is ready not only to fight to the last Ukrainian, but also to wipe out entire generations.” The use of uranium munitions is controversial; the main criticism is that the radioactive uranium dust can pose health risks on contact.

More news on the Ukraine conflict:

Western officials from the U.S., U.K. and EU have arrived in the United Arab Emirates to discuss sanctions against Russia. As CNN reported, they fear that certain technology exports could be used as weapons by the Russian military. Western officials are discussing various strategies to counter sanctions evasion and prevent Russia from obtaining advanced AI technology. “The UAE is working with its friends and allies to address sanctions concerns against Russia,” a UAE representative told CNN. According to the Telegraph, China has supplied Russia with weapons that are officially designated as “dual-use” but are clearly intended for war, including helicopters, drones, and optical targeting devices.

Image: Phil Roeder, Joe Biden Rally at Hiatt Middle School – 49481114777, CC BY 2.0, via. Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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