Strack-Zimmermann with demand to Scholz: Immediate delivery of Taurus missiles

FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann demands immediate delivery of the Taurus cruise missiles.

According to the report, the politician is again putting pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz and is calling for a rapid delivery of the cruise missiles. “We should now deliver Taurus immediately, because with the targeted use of the cruise missiles, the Ukrainian army can severely disrupt Russian supplies,” Strack-Zimmermann told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group. She went on to warn against waiting any longer on the issue of delivering the Taurus cruise missiles, which has already been under discussion for half a year. “Each of us is weighing up. But you can also prolong suffering by hesitating too long,” she clarified.

As to whether the FDP politician considers it legitimate for Ukraine to attack Russian territory with German cruise missiles, Strack-Zimmermann answered in the affirmative: “International law also allows Ukraine to attack military targets on the territory of the Russian aggressor. Completely detached from where the weapons were manufactured and who supplied them.”

Image: FDP council faction Düsseldorf, Strack-Zimmermann, CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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