Tips for dog owners for less dirt in the house

Muddy paw prints on the floor, wet streaks on the tiles or even mud splashes on the wall – which dog owner is not familiar with this? Especially in the cold season, the amount of dirt our four-legged darlings get is immense. The following tips can help you keep your own four walls cleaner.

A good idea for dog owners is to place a towel right at or in front of the front door. With it, you can wipe your dog’s dirty paws and belly area before entering the apartment or house. Thus you catch the coarsest dirt and can be sure that this is not distributed in the interior. In addition, there are special paw cleaners to buy. These often look like plastic cups and are filled with water. With this you can easily wash off your dog’s paws and then dry them.

Another good tool against dirt in the house are dog coats, which are available both for inside and outside. Thin raincoats can catch a lot of the dirt when you walk your dog so that it doesn’t even get to the dog’s fur. Indoor coats are handy for allowing wet dogs to dry well without spreading the wetness on the floor. Indoor dog coats are usually made of a lightweight material that absorbs moisture well. This not only makes the coat dry faster, but also avoids annoying shake marks on the walls.

Speaking of shaking – So that no misfortune happens inside, you can also teach your dog to shake on command. As with other tricks, you can build up the command slowly and reinforce it positively with treats. To leave most of the dirt outside, you can establish the routine that the dog already shakes himself properly outside before entering the house.

However, the be-all and end-all for any dog owner who wants to reduce the amount of dirt in the house is and remains regular brushing. This not only reduces the risk of matting, which in turn can trap more dirt. It also ensures that dead hairs are removed and the coat remains healthy and clean.

Image by Freepik

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