Travel with dog: This applies to Austria

You are planning a trip to Austria and of course you want to take your dog with you? Then you have made a good choice, because Austria is always worth a trip, both in summer and winter. In this article we have some information worth knowing about the entry, the public space and accommodations for your vacation with dog.

Entry requirements for dogs

Before you set off, you should find out about the entry requirements for your dog. As a rule, an EU pet passport is required, which contains proof of rabies vaccination and identification of the animal by a microchip. Without this ID, your dog may be turned away at the border. A valid liability insurance for your dog is also required in Austria.

Public space

What many people do not know: In Austria, there is a leash or muzzle requirement for dogs in public spaces. This means that your dog must be leashed or muzzled in the city or in busy places. This regulation is intended to ensure the safety of people and animals and to avoid conflicts. Outside of towns or in specially designated dog zones, your dog is usually allowed to run free. However, inform yourself in advance about the local regulations and note that you as the dog owner are responsible for the behavior of your four-legged friend.


Not all accommodations in Austria are suitable for dogs. Therefore, when booking, you should pay attention to whether pets are allowed and what conditions apply. Some hotels or vacation rentals charge an additional cleaning fee for the dog, others require a limit on the size or breed of the animal. However, there are also special accommodations that have specialized in the needs of dogs and their owners and provide, for example, dog beds, bowls and toys.

Things to know

In Austria, there are many beautiful hiking trails and walks that you can take with your dog. However, the mountains also offer some challenges that you should take into account. Make sure that your dog gets enough water and food and that you always have an emergency first-aid kit with you. In some regions, ticks in particular can be a problem, so you should check your dog regularly and protect it if necessary. It is also mandatory in Austria that dogs are secured in the car and do not ride in the passenger seat or on the driver’s lap.


Overall, Austria is a dog-friendly country that offers many opportunities for a vacation with dog. With the right preparation and respect for local regulations, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing and unforgettable vacation with your dog. Make sure your dog is always well secured and taken care of and respect the rules in public areas and accommodations. With a little planning and preparation you can experience unforgettable moments in Austria together with your four-legged friend.

Image by wirestock on Freepik

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