Ukraine attacks several targets in Russia with drones

On Wednesday night, several targets in Russia were apparently attacked with drones.

In Rostov-on-Don, according to residents filmed a heavy explosion in the city, Russia stated only that it was debris from a downed drone. Drones are also reportedly intercepted near Moscow and Bryansk.

More news on the Ukraine conflict:

According to the Institute for the Study of Wars (ISW). The Kyiv Independent indicated that Ukrainian forces continue to advance in parts of Zaporizhzhya oblast. At the same time, Russian war commentators claim that Russian brigades in Ukraine lack sufficient supplies, particularly artillery ammunition. According to ISW, Russian military bloggers have claimed that the troops are “drawing on limited artillery supplies” and therefore “performing poorly along the front in Ukraine.” Certain Russian sources complain that the Russian military has inadequately equipped soldiers on the front lines, leading to tensions with the Kremlin. For Russian forces, the lack of artillery remains an ongoing problem. As reported by the New York Times, Russia hopes that during Kim Jong-Un’s visit to Vladivostok, scheduled for September 10-13, it will be able to conclude an agreement with North Korea on additional artillery shells.

Image:, Working trip of the President of Ukraine to the Kyiv region, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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