Ukraine breaks through the strongest line of defense of the Russians

Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which was announced in a big way by Kiev, has been underway for weeks. However, it is still unclear whether it will be able to achieve its goals. According to its own statements, Ukraine has now achieved a decisive partial success.

According to a report by the NEXTA media project via the Network X and statements by Ukrainian General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, commander of the Ukrainian Southern Troops, Ukraine’s armed forces have breached the first line of Russian defenses in the south. It is the Russians’ most heavily fortified line of defense, Tarnavskyi said in an interview with the British Observer. According to him, the Ukrainian military is located between the first and second lines in the Rabotino-Verbovoye area. Ukrainian forces could move on more easily, he said, because they had entrenched themselves on the recaptured territory.

This information comes from a party to the conflict and has not yet been independently verified / confirmed. For this reason, the report must be evaluated with reservations. In war, it can be advantageous for parties to make false statements about the course of the conflict in order to strengthen their own position or weaken the position of the opponent.

Image:, Vladimir Putin (2022-10-10), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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