Ukraine reports successes: army advances in Bakhmut

According to its own statements, the Ukrainian army is making progress on two sections of the front that have long been contested.

The General Staff announces that there are “partial successes” in the latest developments near Klishchiyivka, south of the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, occupied by Russia since May. Further progress was reported by the Kyiv General Staff in the Robotyne region of the Zaporizhzhya region in the south, as the German news website reports. In this region, the Ukrainian army has been working for weeks to move through heavily mined territory and Russian defense lines. From all sections of the front, the Ukrainian army reported Russian artillery fire and air strikes.

This information comes from a party to the conflict and has not yet been independently verified / confirmed. For this reason, the report must be evaluated with reservations. In war, it can be advantageous for parties to make false statements about the course of the conflict in order to strengthen their own position or weaken the position of the opponent.

Image:, Ukrainian soldiers attack a Russian tank in Mariupol (1), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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