Ukraine Thwarts Russian Onslaught Near Avdiivka: Massive Losses Reported

Russian Troops Face Major Setbacks; Ukrainian Forces Thwart Avdiivka Offensive.

In recent days, Ukrainian troops have effectively counteracted a renewed Russian assault on Avdiivka. ISW reports suggest substantial losses in Russian personnel and equipment during the clashes.

Russian Mild Gains Northwest of Avdiivka

Between October 19 and 20, according to ISW, Russian forces launched an aggressive campaign on Avdiivka. Geolocated imagery from October 21 indicates minor territorial gains by Russian forces northwest of Avdiivka, near a landfill site. Reports detail Russian advancement towards several locations, including Berdychi and Stepove.

Staggering Russian Casualties Reported

On October 21, Ukrainian military officials highlighted a noticeable decrease in Russian offensive actions. As per Ukrainian sources, Russian assaults on October 19 saw them incurring substantial losses, with 50 tanks, 100 armored vehicles, and approximately 900 troops reported destroyed or incapacitated.

Ants Kiviselg, chief of an Estonian defense intelligence unit, views the move on Avdiivka as a potential precursor to a broader Russian campaign, possibly extending along the Kharkiv-Luhansk oblast border. ISW has emphasized the persistent Russian aggression in Avdiivka, even in the face of heavy casualties, suggesting the area’s strategic value to Russia. A Ukrainian military leader also critiqued the strategy and efficacy of the Russian infantry, underscoring Russia’s growing reliance on technologies like drones and artillery.

Image: АrmijaInform, UA M120 mortar 05, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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