Ukraine with statement: targets 1500 kilometers away in Russia apparently reachable

According to official statements, Ukraine is now sending a clear signal with its attack strategy.

According to official data from Kiev, Ukraine can reach targets on Russian territory at a distance of 1500 kilometers. The country has been working on a missile and drone program for some time, which is why targets even at such a distance are no longer a problem, Secretary of the National Council for Security and Defense Olexiy Danliov told a Ukrainian radio station.

Development already for several years

As early as 2020, there had apparently been this missile program, according to the secretary. Meanwhile, many companies would be involved in drone production. “All this will bring results,” he assures. Ukrainian forces can thus hit targets at “1000 to 1500 kilometers.”

Image: European Parliament, President Zelenskyy says Russia is a grave threat to the European way of life (52678962968), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed)

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