Ukraine’s Advance Puts Russian Elite Units on Their Heels: Tactical Reshuffle Ensues

Recent maneuvers in Western Zaporizhzhya suggest an impending shift in Russia’s military strategy, as highlighted by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). These tactical developments might compel Moscow to reinforce its defenses in the region, pulling key contingents away from proximities like Bachmut.

On September 16, visuals emerged courtesy of the North Ossetian battalions, “Storm Ossetia” and “Alania” – both actively operational in the said vicinity. The released imagery is believed to depict a segment of Russia’s esteemed 83rd Air Assault Brigade, Separate Guard, stationed in Nesteryanka. Interestingly, the ISW underscores the brigade’s prior positioning around Klishchiyivka as of June, bearing witness to the August skirmishes. And yet, as the midpoint of September approached, elements of this brigade remained actively engaged in Bachmut, suggesting potential dispersal across multiple battlefronts.

Klishchiyivka: The Heart of the Struggle

The quaint village of Klishchiyivka finds itself at the epicenter of a tumultuous tussle. ISW asserts that the 83rd Brigade’s strategic repositioning hints at Moscow’s growing unease concerning Ukraine’s assertive movements and the overarching defensive blueprint for Zaporizhzhya.

Moreover, a curious absence of Russian forces in the western corridors of Zaporizhzhya oblast has been spotlighted by ISW, especially given the region’s strategic defensive significance. In an impending edition, ISW promises a deeper dive into the ramifications of these unfolding military dynamics.

Image:, Bakhmut during the battle (2023-04-05), frame 15989, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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