Ukrainian Drones Strike Crimea: Scores of Invaders Neutralized

Seventeen Ukrainian drones hit Russian base near Yevpatoriya – massive damage and high casualties reported.

Last night there was a significant attack on Crimea. 17 Ukrainian drones attacked a Russian logistics base near Yevpatoriya. This was reported by sources from the Ukrainian security service to the Ukrainska Pravda. The attack reportedly left dozens of Russian occupiers either killed or injured.

According to information obtained by Ukrainska Pravda, the drone attack targeted not only the said base. The Ukrainian security service also focused on adjacent areas such as a campus, various parking lots and gas stations.

The exact impact of the attack is still being evaluated. However, initial reports available to Ukrainska Pravda indicate that a significant number of people were affected and military equipment was also damaged.

Image: АrmijaInform, UA 36th brigade BM-21 Grade 01, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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