Unyielding: Russia takes a hard stance against its own soldiers

According to the US government, Russia allegedly executes soldiers who resist the order to participate in the offensive in eastern Ukraine, reports the German news website n-tv.de.

John Kirby, the Communication Director of the National Security Council at the White House, commented: “We have information suggesting the Russian military has indeed executed soldiers refusing to obey orders.” It’s even claimed that Russian officers threaten to execute entire army units if they wish to avoid Ukrainian artillery fire.

During a press conference at the White House, John Kirby, the Communication Director of the National Security Council, stated that Russia has intensified its offensive in eastern Ukraine. He emphasized that the Russian forces face significant losses in soldiers and equipment. Russia is deploying a large number of poorly trained and poorly equipped soldiers in a tactic resembling “human waves.” Kirby pointed out that, given these conditions, the morale of the Russian forces has predictably suffered.

When asked for further details regarding the alleged execution of Russian soldiers, Kirby did not provide additional specifics and did not elaborate on the sources of the US information.

Image: Kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin (2022-11-10), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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