West’s Deception Prompted Invasion? Putin Finds His Forecasts Validated

Russian leader Vladimir Putin asserts he was misled by Western powers into launching an offensive against Ukraine. As unveiled by the Daily Express, Putin conveyed on national television that an alleged clandestine scheme by adversaries, aiming to weaken Russia’s economic stature and compromise its technological autonomy, left him cornered without alternatives.

Putin’s Predictions Materialize

Moreover, the Daily Express underscored that Putin acknowledged the realization of his earlier conjectures regarding the conflict’s trajectory, which he recurrently cites as grounds for Russia’s strategic moves. He articulated that the unfolding of events aligned seamlessly with his prior estimations. Concurrently, he insinuated that the West not only goaded Russia into the Ukrainian confrontation but also capitalized on it to hinder Russia’s economic ascent and progression.

Emphasizing the dynamics of the Ukrainian strife, which Putin unwaveringly labels a “strategic military intervention,” the Daily Express underscores his propensity, deemed by some as “delusional,” to consistently attribute the onus of the hostilities to external actors while absolving himself of responsibility.

Image: kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin September 5, 2022, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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