What does it mean when my dog puts his paw on me?

Many dog owners know the gesture when the four-legged friend puts his paw on you. Often one wonders what it actually has to do with it. Is there a certain meaning? Does the dog want to tell you something? Is he perhaps even not well?

Some dog owners think that their dog wants to protect them when he puts his paw on them. Others believe that he is marking them as his “property” or even punishing them. But which is true now?

The sobering answer is that there is no one right meaning. When your dog puts his paw down on you, it can have very different meanings and even vary from situation to situation. It can be a sign of appreciation, a sign of control, or simply an expression of comfort.

When your dog touches you respectfully with his paw, he is showing his deep affection for you – a sign of appreciation. He wants to signal to you that he likes you and feels comfortable with you. It’s a really nice feeling when you get this kind of appreciation.

In certain situations, your dog may try to take control. This instinct can be especially evident when you give him treats or praise him for something. In this case, he will put his paw on you as a sign of dominance and authority. By the way, putting your paw on your dog as a sign of dominance can also often be seen in dogs with each other.

Sometimes your dog just puts his paw on you as a sign of closeness and security. This is his way of expressing that he is comfortable right now – a sign of comfort. He wants to snuggle up to you and feel safe. Such a gesture is particularly reassuring and gives man and dog the feeling of a good bond with each other.

Image by wirestock on Freepik

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