With dog by the sea: tips for a relaxing vacation

Whether Baltic or North Sea, the German coasts offer ideal conditions for a relaxing vacation with your four-legged friend. And of course there are also beautiful coasts and beaches in other countries where a vacation with your dog is really worthwhile. To make your stay as stress-free and relaxing as possible, we have put together a few tips.

1. observe the leash and free running regulations of the respective region

The rules for dog owners on the beach vary from state to state in Germany. In some areas it is permitted to let the dog run free, in others it must remain on a leash. In Italy, for example, there are designated dog beaches where dogs are allowed to run free. So it’s best to find out about the respective regulations in advance and stick to them to avoid trouble.

2. protect your dog from sun and heat

Especially in summer it can be very hot at the beach. Therefore, make sure that your dog does not lie in the blazing sun for too long and offer him fresh drinking water regularly. In addition, there are certain sunscreens specifically for dogs, which can protect the sensitive skin of your four-legged friend from sunburn. An umbrella or beach shell also provides shade and is ideal for lunchtime. Also, make sure your dog doesn’t have to walk across the heated sandy beach. Dogs have very sensitive paws and can suffer serious injuries as a result.

3. watch your dog when he swims and rinse out the sea water

Even if your dog loves to swim, you should not let him go into the water alone for safety reasons. Only go swimming together and, if necessary, secure your dog additionally with a long leash and a harness. Also, rinse the salt water out of your dog’s fur after each bath.

In addition to these tips, dog health insurance and dog liability insurance can be useful on any vacation. Whether walking on the beach or swimming in the sea – accidents can always happen. Therefore, make sure that your dog is sufficiently insured. If necessary, weigh up whether you should take out additional insurance before you start your vacation. This way you are also covered in case of minor injuries, illnesses or damage to others and you do not have to fear high costs in case of emergency.

Image by Freepik

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