With Turkish “Bayraktar”: Ukraine destroys Russian ship

Ukraine reportedly destroyed a Russian boat in the Black Sea. This is reported by Jason Jay Smart, correspondent of the Kyiv Post, via the Network X.

“Ukraine sinks Russian naval vessel: the Ukrainian military deployed a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 on a Russian cutter bound for Kherson.” In addition, Smart posts a video purporting to show the explosion of the cutter. Somewhat more detailed information is provided by Ukraine Weapons Tracker, also via the Network X: “Ukraine (…): A Russian KS-701 patrol boat unloading equipment was destroyed by a TB-2 strike that took place in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.”

The Bayraktar TB-2 is a combat and reconnaissance threat designed for medium altitude and was developed by the Turkish company Baykar. The Russian KS-701 is a Russian patrol boat used by the Coast Guard, among others.

This information comes from a party to the conflict and has not yet been independently verified / confirmed. For this reason, the report must be evaluated with reservations. In war, it can be advantageous for parties to make false statements about the course of the conflict in order to strengthen their own position or weaken the position of the opponent.

Image: Kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin at the site Donguzsky (2015-09-19) 10.jpg, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed)

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