Devastating HIMARS attack: Russia loses hundreds of soldiers

According to the report of the “Kyiv Post”, a HIMARS attack from Ukraine killed hundreds of Russian soldiers who had gathered at a training camp on the island of Dzharylhach in the occupied region of Kherson. This reports the German news platform

The HIMARS mobile multiple rocket launcher remains a crucial weapon for Ukraine in its resistance to the Russian invasion. According to reports from Ukraine, a HIMARS attack killed dozens of Russian soldiers who had gathered at a training camp on Dzharylhach Island in the occupied Kherson region. This island lies between Kherson oblast and Russia’s Crimean peninsula, which was annexed in violation of international law.

Footage taken by a drone shows a sprawling, sandy headland before zooming in to a cluster of troops on the shore of the Black Sea. The video then reveals five explosions from a distance. Toward the end of the clip, a large explosion can be seen in close-up, in the exact spot where the soldiers were gathered. According to Ukrainian sources, the attack was carried out based on information from the “underground” of the occupied territories. The video also bears the logo of the National Resistance Center of Ukraine, an institution that has been passing information about the Russian occupiers to the intelligence service since the beginning of the war.

Ukrainian media reports speak of about 200 casualties, but this number could not be confirmed. Independent verification of Ukrainian reports is not possible. The exact date of the suspected HIMARS attack remains unknown.

Image:, 2018 inauguration of Vladimir Putin 53, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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